Payment Gateway

Regardless of business size, industry, location, or processing volume, merchants can use the services offered by the Finsol (Pty)payment gateway. Reliable and secure payment processing is essential for every online business. Finsol (Pty) offers top-notch payment processing services for online businesses like yours, offering a comprehensive range of complementary merchant services to promote the highest possible payment approval efficiency.

Furthermore, with comprehensive fraud screening, several payment alternatives, and real-time reporting, the Finsol (Pty) payment gateway delivers security and peace of mind to enterprises of all sizes, industries, locations, and processing volumes.

  • Finsol (Pty) Payment Gateway services include secure online credit card processing, eCheck / ACH processing, check processing, and other payment methods.
  • Our advanced fraud protection technologies provide secure transactions.
  • Real-time data and customized transaction reports.
  • Accept orders placed via phone, fax, and mail.
  • Options for branded integration, such as external shopping cart substitutes.
  • An assigned account manager for your business. 24-hour client service.
  • A secure merchant account gateway that offers statistics and reporting on revenue, refunds and fees, chargebacks, complete transaction lists, calendar activities, and numerous other features.