Global Merchant Accounts

We put our best effort into each merchant's business as if it were our own. We accept all merchant types from worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Europe, Asia, etc. The business launched to Big & start-up enterprises that are sick of paying for costly, inadequate merchant services. Our goal is to provide international merchant accounts that are safe, trustworthy, and protected against fraud so that our clients may take credit card payments from all around the world. Handling chargebacks through customers is extremely simple and efficient.

In industries with elevated risks, including adult companies, tech assistance, online gaming, pharmaceuticals, forex trading, IPTV, and others, we provide our services.

Why choose Finsol (pty) for a global merchant account?

  • We provide merchant services to web-based companies, enabling users to conduct any type of purchasing and selling transaction online.
  • To deliver the ideal transaction through the required software, the merchants can also buy an online service from Finsol (pty).
  • Our service is provided to online businesses to assist in the collection of payments from clients. Payments made by debit, credit, and net banking are all acceptable.
  • This is regarded as a middleman to bring together the greatest possibilities, including online payments provided by different banks, cash, and even foreign companies.
  • Our services are extended to a wide scope relating to merchant banks.
  • With our service, there are no currency concerns, and processing is carried out from one currency to another without any delay or other usual transaction issues. This concludes with an ideal installation that is functional for the clients.