With an easy-to-use cryptocurrency payment gateway, you can set up Bitcoin payment infrastructure, monitor payments, and handle your crypto revenues. Modern cryptocurrency payment processor Accept cryptocurrency payments with our modern solution. Collect payments, issue billing invoices, convert Bitcoin rewards to fiat cash, or maintain the cryptocurrency. All on a single platform.

Several payment alternatives:

  • Keep the cryptocurrency you earned - If you get Ripple (XRP), you can request a payment to the external wallet you supplied.
  • Convert crypto to fiat - Convert any cryptocurrency you own to the fiat money of your option.
  • Transfer one cryptocurrency to another - Have you received Bitcoin (BTC)? It should be converted to Ethereum (ETH). Or to any other cryptocurrency of your option.

The quick email billing solution After registering with Finsol (Pty), you may immediately begin delivering crypto invoices without spending any further time on installation or coding. To generate and send an instant bill, simply enter the payee's email address and the total amount and currency you want to receive.

Every cryptocurrency is now accepted as a payment currency. That is why we allow businesses to take as many as they can so that they do not miss the gold rush when it occurs. Finsol (Pty) offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies as well as a streamlined payment procedure that allows users to make transactions with ease. And it all comes with a faultless user interface.

Simple to integrate. Regardless of which merchant tool you use, integrating Finsol (Pty) payment systems is as easy as it gets.

Finsol (Pty) is an electronic payment system that is innovative, multi-functional, and secure. Finsol (Pty) works with all legitimate companies. Finsol (Pty) now accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, ERC-20 Tether, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies. Finsol (Pty)' major goal is to make cryptocurrency payments simple and secure for your company!