By offering a comprehensive worldwide solution and an easy single integration, we help in accelerating global reach. We offer the tools and knowledge to support the worldwide growth of your

company. Create a long-term partnership with buoyancy in new geographies.
A platform for Local Partnerships with worldwide Impact and Regional Adherence.


As you grow, it becomes more difficult to protect your brand. Customer happiness and assurance result in brand trust. We help you in securing your brands internationally with our tracking and record

management offerings. Customers will feel more secure with high-quality risk management solutions that have security certifications.


Profit growth is accelerated by optimal transaction success. We strive to keep regulars while recruiting new ones by providing high-quality service and product optimization.

Reduce the number of chargebacks and disputes. Provide a wide range of monetary options.

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Innovative Payment Solutions For All Business

In more than 250 nations, we handle payments. Via one integration, the Finsol (Pty) platform integrates payment, risk management, and "Know Your Customer" technologies to permit online businesses to secure international trade.
We offer everyday performances. Swift automation technologies for quicker payment processing, real-time information, and enhanced customer experience make stepping inside new markets fast and simple. A single platform that includes customizable dashboards, transaction tracking, geo-location services, and more

Finsol (Pty) provides a variety of methods of payment to meet the demands of its customers. These include business accounts, POS devices, online payments, and installment payments.
Clients can connect to clients all over the world using online payments, even if they do not have a Finsol (Pty) account. The AI-driven security technologies used by Finsol (Pty) guarantee transaction security and seamless integration with existing company platforms. Offering clients, the option to pay in installments over time increases revenue by enhancing conversion and customer retention. The order value is increased if clients can pay overtime and payments are paid in advance.
The Finsol (Pty) POS software offers control over sales and transactions and makes it simple to collect payments at the counter or while on the road. Quick, dependable, and simple transactions are made possible by the in-store POS system, assuring efficient operations and long-term profitability. Users who have a business account have access to all Finsol (Pty) resources and may set up future plans. With the ability to generate, send, and monitor invoices from any device, billing is made simple.
Finsol (Pty) offers automatic reminders for past-due payments, automated estimates for clients to accept and alter, and a reusable invoice template with your logo and company information. For companies aiming to improve productivity and boost revenue, Finsol (Pty) provides a complete solution.

This advantageous and offered online payment processing solution allows you to take payments from customers across multiple currencies and from all over the world using cards, e-banking, and other common payment methods at a minimal cost. A complete e-commerce payment platform is provided by Finsol (Pty) so that customers from across the world can send payments both online and in person. Machine learning is used to boost conversion and decrease fraud. With seamless one-click checkout, fraud detection, faster checkout procedures, and issuer-level optimizations, Finsol (Pty) technology strives to increase conversion at every point in the payment cycle. Additionally, it enhances the checkout process by reducing friction, accepting the right international payment options, and customizing for customer language and device preferences.

The KYC, AML, and anti-fraud processes may be automatically triggered thanks to this independent microservice. It provides you with the many benefits of an all-inclusive solution and seamlessly integrates with the Finsol (Pty) payment platform. Additionally, it works with other third-party payment systems to give you complete freedom.

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Plan your business strategy with Our Experts

Finsol (pty) is a payment service company. We have substantial business expertise and are a market leader. We are committed to offering multi-regional collection solutions through a variety of reputable payment methods. Our customers can focus on selling goods and services while saving time and money by including a collection system into their campaigns.

Finsol (pty) offers simple, developer-friendly apis for easy integration in an effort to transform online business money management. We provide merchants, educational institutions, e-commerce businesses, and other organizations with a quick, affordable, secure way to receive and distribute payments online, maintain an operational current account, and have access to working capital loans. To maintain our platform current with industry trends, we are always creating new technology.

Our goal is to be the industry leader in digital commerce, to develop a culture of transparency and accountability with our clients, and to assist them in establishing successful businesses in the short, medium, and long term.

We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Guidance.

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Smart & Great Payment Solutions For You

Meet your strategic payments partner. Our modular technology makes it simple to add the features you desire, manage risk and fraud, and connect more payment options to support your development in a variety of growing countries. Our local expert teams are available anywhere in the world to help merchants improve their payment performance, navigate the regulatory environment, and successfully adopt new business models.

High-end payment, risk, and kyc technologies partners offer real-time monitoring, simulators, tokenization, and encryption services, 24x7 operational assistance, and experienced team support.



With an easy-to-use cryptocurrency payment gateway, you can set up Bitcoin payment infrastructure, monitor payments, and handle your crypto revenues. Modern cryptocurrency

Platform Features

Forget about massive development operations and expenditures. We've put in the effort to create a premium Payment Gateway platform that can be accessed via a single integration.


Dedicated businesses must promote platforms that make it simple to market themselves and do worldwide commerce. Cashless automatic subscriptions enable cardholders/consumers to set up

Partner with us

Collaborate with Finsol (Pty) to expand your business. Join a global network of partners in assisting ambitious businesses with industry-leading payment and financial infrastructure. Finsol (Pty) can assist you in generating new revenue streams. Partner with Finsol (Pty) to improve customer experiences and discover new monetization opportunities for your own company, whether you're a technology partner trying to include Finsol (Pty) into your product or a consultant partner wishing to expand your practice.

Technology assistant

  • Increase your SaaS revenue by optimizing transactions.
  • Make payments easy on your platform.
  • Increase your software revenue and global reach.
  • Finsol (Pty) can help you create innovative customer solutions. Include integrated financial services to increase the lifetime value of clients.

Consultation Partners

  • Finsol (Pty) services might assist you in establishing new practices.
  • Create new product lines.
  • After installation, you will get recurring revenue.
  • Extend beyond payments to encompass other financial services to form long-term strategic alliances.
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